The main goal of staging has always been to appeal to potential buyers; however, as the prevalence of staging increases, it has become increasingly more important to not only appeal to buyers, but to differentiate the property from others on the market. Over the past decade, staging has been increasingly utilized by sellers and brokers to the point that virtually all listings above a certain price point are staged while moderate to lower priced homes typically can not afford the time or expense.

Working with Realtors, Builders and Real Estate Developers for well over a decade and utilizing my twenty plus years of experience in the Interior Design Industry, I have developed a system to help maximize the sale of a property and compete at the top end of your market. Staging or “Designing to Sell” is only part of the equation. In the ever changing world of Real Estate its important to know the market and trends, research the competition and promote the selling features of each individual property. Starting with my basics I call the “3D’s”, my system includes a detailed map of every room with both interior and exterior photos and suggestions. Not to be confused with a “staging service” I provide much more than furniture and decorating ideas which is only one part of preparing to sell. I will help you prepare and compete to sell quickly for the highest possible price in your market. I strive to utilize the existing furniture and decor while considering budgets and the goal of the each homeowner. I provide a guide to prepare your home for sale and compete in your market at the top level. (Decor is available for vacant properties or as fillers where needed).

Utilizing a professional Interior Designer with Real Estate Consulting experience will escalate your projects to a new level. Customizing services to my clients needs, I can provide true insight on trending design choices, budget friendly elements & sourcing and a competitive selling perspective. Each phase of your project carries its own set of potential ‘budget busters’ and ‘schedule breakers’ that can eat away at your profits. Help mitigate your project by partnering with a Design & Real Estate Consultant. Don’t let costly mistakes or time on the market eat into your profits.

. As a result realtors are often faced with the task of making suggestions that can compromise signing a new listing. In today’s competitive real estate market distancing yourself from the mainstream is critical for success. Offering professional services and these changes over the years, IMG has increased our portfolio of looks and designs to create a more customized approach. Each staging project speaks to the property’s unique selling points and style. There is definitely an increased focus on design, while also considering the property’s potential buyer, neighborhood and architecture.

staged really stood out visually. You would see a sea of listings and the one that had been staged really popped. Here we are a million years later, and so many properties are staged, so how do you make eyeballs go to your property? Everything being staged and nothing being staged are kind of the same thing. We’ve created style sets that appeal to different demographics, without being too narrow and alienating anyone.

Are there great metrics out there that prove the value of great design when it comes to moving real estate?
Yes, there is significant data to support the impact staging has on reducing a property’s days on market. On average, our stagings sell twice as fast as the luxury market average.

Do designers who normally work in residential design make good stagers? Is staging a totally separate discipline?
While staging and interior design share complementary qualities of skill and an eye for design, the two are very separate disciplines. When it comes to staging, interior designers often fall short, because while they have an excellent eye for design, they struggle to understand buyer behavior and create designs that resonate with a large range of buyer demographics. It often becomes too taste-specific, which can alienate a large percentage of the target buyer demographic.
However, there are some shared qualities that allow designers to be good stagers and vice versa. Many of IMG’s interior design clients are individuals who were drawn to the style and quality of our stagings, which we then are able to translate into more personalized designs for their unique home.

An interior designer who mostly does residential projects walks up to you at a cocktail party and says, “Hey, how can I get into working in staging/real estate? Is there an opportunity there?” What would you say?
This is a question I get a lot in my line of work. My advice to designers who want to transition into the staging industry is to increase their understanding of the market and target buyer demographics. It’s a matter of “re-training” your approach to design to be more buyer-centric, which requires understanding the buyer so that you can create a story with your design that will resonate with them.

You have your ear to the ground—where’s the market going?
The properties that we stage that are under 3 million sell immediately—like in a week. That’s picking up. But there are a lot of new tax laws that have changed the way the luxury space is buying. That’s in addition to the onslaught of inventory, which is making the difference. I am noticing more of a turnkey type of buyer. We’ll do a $20 million property and people want to buy it completely furnished. That seems to be a trend.
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Of course, taste is subjective, and no interior design scheme will be universally appealing.

Flippers & remodeler & developers
Interior Design, Front and Center
since the recovery from the 2008 financial crisis, interior design in now front and center. Big box stores and oddles of shows from HGTV to _ has made interior design main stream.
“It’s not enough just to select average finishes,”
“I think people want to walk in and see style and quality” You see more closet space and nicer bathrooms than you did years ago. You see beautiful floors.”
“It’s a very competitive market”

At the prices people are paying now, they have very high expectations.”

current focus on upscale interiors initially grew out of developers seeking ever-higher prices per square foot, and, more recently, looking to differentiate their offerings in the face of a market competition.

There was great emphasis on finishes

As the market has slowed, inventory has grown.

provide those things on the front end, with touches like quartzite slabs inset in wide-plank oak floors, Royal Danby marble master bathrooms, and kitchen cabinets made of walnut, blackened steel and ribbed glass.

Finishes: cabinet pulls and lighting granite & quart slabs flooring, cabinets

Having the option to make your life easy, and get something laid out that fits your configuration, I thought was pretty cool


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